Covid guidelines

Hong Kong Little League Play Resumption Guidelines (February 2021)

Before coming to practice/games:
Complete the online health and travel declaration for each visit to the field. Anyone entering (or in contact with
someone entering) HK from overseas must quarantine 21-days.

On field protocols:
• Everyone entering the fields will need to scan the “LeaveHomeSafe” QR code.
Temperature will be taken at the entrance; those with 37.5 C or above will not be allowed inside.
Maximum capacity of 50 people at LR2, 50 each at the main field and sub filed at To Shek, and 50 on each
field of HMTW at any given time. No parents/spectators allowed at this time except at HMTW, subject to
capacity limit. Parents/spectators must wear masks at all time.
15 minutes transition period between practice slots.
Hand sanitizers to be provided at each field, to be used by all entering/existing field.
No handshakes/personal contact before, during, or after practices or games.
No team drinks/shared snacks. No spitting/gum/sunflower seeds.
Anyone/immediate household members waiting for COVID test results from test taken within 7 days prior to
entering the field must wear masks at all time.
Players must wear masks before and after practice, but may be without masks during practice. Coaches must
wear masks the entire time. Coaches from each team are held accountable for their team/parents/spectators.
Warning will be issued the first time, and if protocols are not followed immediately, the whole team will be
ejected from the field. Subsequent violations will also incur a $500 fine.
Dugouts: social distancing with players spread out in assigned spot with 1.5 meters apart.
Each player will need his/her own helmet, bat, gloves, catcher’s equipment; equipment bags to be spaced out.
Last teams using the field must restore all tarps and remove any remaining trash.
Anyone experiencing flu-like symptoms should notify Michelle and league rep at the number below

Game Operation and Umpire guidance:
Pre-game plate meetings: social distancing with coaches stand behind batter’s box.
No pre-game or post-game line up of players.
Equipment Inspection: visual inspection of bats laid out neatly outside the dugout.
Game volunteers: keep to a minimum (maximum one scorekeeper per team).
Spectators subject to per field capacity limitation and must wear masks and keep 1.5m+ apart.
Field prep and maintenance: sanitize equipment after each use. Sanitizers and spread available at each game.
Teams to arrive no earlier than 40 minutes before the game start and to leave the venue within 15 minutes after
the end.